10 Isolation Exercises for Glutes | Resistance Band Glute Workout

Isolation exercises for glutes


This post is all about how to do isolation exercises for glutes and includes a resistance band glute workout for a rounder, firmer bum.

Doing these 10 glute isolation exercises with a workout band will encourage muscle growth in the three major Gluteal muscles – Maximus, Medius and Minimus, resulting not only in a more bootylicious backside, but also increased sports performance, functional strength and resistance to injury.

Before we go on to look at each exercise in detail, here’s a video from our YouTube channel showing you how to do this glute workout with a resistance band:



Best Resistance Bands for Glute Isolation Exercises


The best workout tool for doing isolation exercises for glutes, hips & thighs is a mini resistance band:


Resistance Glute Bands


These are available as a set, giving you the option to work with different resistance levels depending on the exercise, or to switch up to a higher level once you’ve increased in strength. You can see the full range of exercises in our ultimate mini band workout guide.


How To Use Resistance Bands for Glutes


To do isolation exercises for glutes, simply loop the band around your legs – either above the knees, around the ankles or around the feet – adding extra resistance to your movements.


How to do resistance band isolation exercises for glutes


For some of the exercises, you may find that the band rolls up during the movement. This can often be prevented by altering the position of the band or by wearing long workout pants instead of shorts. This will also prevent any discomfort caused by the band rubbing against your skin during use.


10 Isolation Exercises for Glutes


#1 Standing Glute Kickback

Standing Glute Kickback

Stand upright with the band looped around your ankles. Kick one leg backward as far as possible, holding for a moment in the final position as you contract your glute muscles.


#2 Leaning Glute Kickback

Leaning Kickback

Place the band above your knees and lean forward, using a chair for support. Now kick one leg back and up towards the ceiling as high as possible. Hold the position for a moment before lowering your leg.


#3 Lunge Glute Kickback

Lunge Glute Kickback

Place the band just above the knees. Step forward and drop down into a lunge position. As you raise your body, lift your back leg up high and hold the position for a moment before returning to start.


#4 Lateral Shuffle

Place the band around your ankles and stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent and back straight. Step your right foot out to the right, then follow with left foot, keeping the band taut. Take ten steps to the right then switch directions and repeat on the other side.


#5 Glute Bridge Thrust

Glute bridge thrust

Place the band just above your knees and lie face up with knees bent and arms by your side. Now lift your hips up as high as you can, keeping your upper body relaxed. Squeeze your glutes, hold for a few seconds, then return to start.


#6 Glute Kickback with Bench

Glute Kickback with Bench

Kneel on a bench with the band looped around the bench and one leg, as shown in the image above. Stretch the band by lifting your leg up as high as you can. Keep your lower back slightly arched throughout the movement.


#7 Clamshells

Clamshells resistance band glute workout

Loop the band around your knees and lie on one side with one hand on your hip and the other supporting your head. Keep your knees together and bent at 45 degrees. Without moving your feet, spread your knees apart as far as possible, stretching the band. Hold for a moment and then return to start.


#8 Kneeling Glute Kickback

Kneeling Glute Kickback

Kneel on all fours with the band looped around both feet. Keep your body and neck straight, back slightly arched and head looking slightly in front of you. Stretch the band by lifting one leg as high as possible using mainly your glute muscles. Hold for a moment before returning to start.


#9 Plank Glute Kickback

Plank glute kickback

Get into a plank position resting on your elbows with the band looped above your knees. Kick one leg up as high as possible, holding briefly in the final position and contracting your glutes.


#10 Donkey Kick

Donkey Kick

Start on your hands and knees with the band placed around the toes of your shoes. Kick one leg back, driving the heel towards the ceiling. Draw your belly button in towards your spine and squeeze your glutes. Hold at the top for a moment and then lower to start.


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