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Extra-wide glute resistance bands for squats, hip thrusts, kickbacks and other leg and glute building exercises.

Atemi Sports Glute Bands


Use Atemi Sports resistance glute bands for squats and other leg exercises to build bigger glutes and hips.

They’re perfect for girls looking for that curvy Brazilian beach body: wide hips, toned legs and a curvaceous butt.

Glute resistance bands are suitable for men or women who want to increase leg, hip and glute power for functional sports movements.

To develop lower body strength and shape, use these resistance bands for squats and other exercises, including:


Bridge Thrusts
Glute Kickbacks
Hip Abductions


Extra Wide Resistance Glute Bands


Our glute bands are 7.5cm wide instead of the usual 5cm. This makes them: stronger, longer lasting and less likely to roll up the legs during use.

Resistance Glute Bands


Each order includes ONE glute resistance band, 60cm (24in) in circumference and 7.5cm (3in) wide.

The bands are available in 6 thicknesses / resistance levels:

Yellow (0.4mm, Extra Light)
Orange (0.6mm Light)
Red (0.8mm, Medium)
Light Blue (1.0mm, Heavy)
Dark Blue (1.2mm X-Heavy)
Black (1.4mm, XX-Heavy)

Our resistance bands are made from 100% natural eco-friendly latex – skin friendly and the best for long-lasting elasticity.

We’re so confident in the quality of our bands that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with the product, simply ask for your money back.


Free exercise guide

When you order a band from us, you’ll receive a free workout guide which includes 50 key exercises for legs, glutes, core and upper body.

We also regularly publish new resistance band workouts in our blog. Check out our glute and abdominal workouts, which you can do using glute bands.

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Yellow / X-Light, Orange / Light, Red / Medium, Light Blue / Heavy, Dark Blue / X-Heavy, Black / XX-Heavy

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