Resistance Bands for Triceps | 10 Tricep Exercises for Bigger Arms

Resistance bands for triceps


Using resistance bands for triceps is the perfect way to amp up your arm workout and build bigger, stronger guns.

Banded arm workouts are also ideal if you’re traveling and don’t have access to a gym, or if you want to work out at home but don’t have room for dumbbells or a barbell. Resistance bands are small enough to chuck in your bag and take with you anywhere.

Doing resistance band exercises for triceps also means you have many more workout options than you would if you were using weights. This is because with bands you have the ability to add resistance to any movement, from any angle, giving you unlimited possibilities to workout your arms.

Let’s get started:


What are the Best Resistance Bands for Triceps?


The tricep exercises in this workout are all done using a resistance loop band, which is 208cm in circumference and available in 5 resistance levels, from light to extra heavy.

Looped resistance bands are ideal for doing arm exercises like tricep extensions because they let you anchor one end of the loop and hold onto the other end to perform the exercise. You anchor the band either by standing on one end of the loop or attaching it securely to a fixed object.


Resistance bands for triceps


For doing tricep extensions and other arm exercises you can also use resistance tube bands. These include foam handles, making them more comfortable to hold onto, although the workout options are more limited compared to loop bands.


Resistance tubes for tricep exercises



The resistance tube comes with a door anchor which makes it easy to attach the band at different heights to a doorway by wedging it in between the door and the frame. This gives you a fixed anchor point, which is ideal for doing triceps extensions and other arm exercises.

Check out our ultimate resistance tube workout to see all the exercises you can do using this kind of band.


How To Exercise Your Triceps With Bands


In this resistance band tricep workout we’ve included 2 isolation exercises (arm extensions) which will focus intensely on these muscles.

When doing tricep extentions with a resistance band, you can vary the angle of movement simply by moving the position of the band – i.e. moving the anchor point either higher or lower.

The other 8 exercises are all compound movements which recruit many other muscles in addition to the triceps. We recommend focusing on compound more than isolation exercise.

Compound movements develop several muscle groups together, which is more effective for building real world, functional strength. This also will help to promote an anabolic, muscle-building state throughout your whole body.


Resistance Bands Tricep Workout – 10 Exercises


#1 Banded Tricep Extension

Resistance Band Tricep Extension

Anchor the band around waist height and hold the other end of the loop with one hand. Bending at the waist and legs, lean forward and support yourself by resting your other hand on your knee. Stretch the band back, keeping your elbow fixed close to your body. To vary the angle of movement, you can anchor the band either higher or lower.


#2 Overhead Tricep Extension

Overhead Tricep Extension

Loop the band around one foot and hold the other end behind your back with your elbow pointing upwards. Stretch the band up towards the ceiling without moving your elbow.


#3 Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

Stand on the middle of the band and hold the other end of the loop in front of your shoulders. Now push your hands up until your arms are straight up above your head. Maintain an upright posture throughout the movement.


#4 Single-Arm Chest Press

Single Arm Chest Press

Anchor the band around chest height and stand facing away in a forward stance. Stretch the band by pushing your hand forward without leaning your torso forward. To make the exercise more difficult you can stand further away from the anchor point.


#5 Reverse Fly

Reverse Fly

Stand on the middle of the band and hold onto either end of the loop, bending forward at the waist and legs. Keeping your back straight, stretch the band by lifting both arms up as high as possible.


#6 Resisted Push-Up

Push up

Holding both ends of the loop, sling the band around your back and get into a push up position. Now you can do push-ups as normal except with extra resistance from the band.


#7 Lat Pull-Down

Lat Pull-Down

Attach the band up high and pull it downwards as shown to perform the lat pull-down exercise. Alternatively, you can isolate your triceps by keeping your elbows fixed close to your sides and pushing the band down, using only your tricep muscles.


#8 Resisted Dip

Resisted Dip

Sling the band over your shoulders and hold it onto the bar as shown. Now perform dips as normal but with the added resistance from the band.


#9 Upright Row

Upright Row

Stand inside one end of the loop and hold the other end in front of your waist. Pull the band up to your chin, lifting your elbows as high as possible.


#10 Incline Chest Press

Incline Chest Press

Get into a front stance and stand on one end of the loop with your back foot. Hold the other end in front of your chest and push it forward and up. Keep a solid upright posture throughout the movement.


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