How to Get a Bigger Bum with Resistance Band Exercises

How to Get a Bigger Bum


In this post we’ll show you how to get a bigger bum just by doing resistance band exercises at home or in the gym.

The exercises are designed to target all the muscles around your glutes and hips, resulting in a bigger, rounder bum.

Do this glute workout three times a week and you’ll start to notice results after just a couple of weeks.

Let’s get right to it:


What are the best resistance bands for getting a bigger bum?


The best kind of resistance bands for working your glutes are are mini resistance loops. They can be placed around your ankles, knees or thighs while doing the exercises in this workout, activating your bum muscles and making them bigger and rounder.


Resistance Bands to Get a Bigger Bum


Scroll down to see a full description of the workout but here’s a video from our YouTube channel showing you the best exercises you can do to get a bigger bum:



How to Get a Bigger Bum – 12 Resistance Band exercises


These exercises can be done in any order but its best to do them as a circuit, with two or three rounds. You can also just pick and choose whichever exercise you feel like doing. You should aim to do around 10-15 reps for each exercise.


#1 Leaning Kickback

How to get a bigger bum: leaning kickback

Loop the band around your thighs and lean forward, supporting your upper body on a chair. Kick one leg back and up, keeping the leg straight. Hold the exercise in the final position for a second, squeezing your bum muscles.


#2 Kneeling Kickback

Kneeling Glute Kickback

Start on hands and knees with the band looped around your feet. Keeping your back straight, stretch the band by lifting one foot up towards the ceiling.


#3 Donkey Kick

Donkey Kick

Starting in the same position as the previous exercise, this time stretch the band by kicking your leg backwards.


#4 Standing Hip Abduction

Standing Hip Abduction - exercise for a bigger bum

With the band around your ankles, extend one foot out to the side as far as you can, keeping the leg straight. Feel the exercise in your abductor muscles on the side of your hips.


#5 Side Shuffle

Here’s a video showing you how to do this exercise:


#6 Glute Bridge 1

Glute bridge thrust

Place the band above your knees and lie face up with knees bent and arms by your side. Lift your hips as high as possible, keeping your upper body relaxed. Maintain a slight outward pressure on the band by pushing your knees out.


#7 Glute Bridge 2

Bridge Thrust 2

Same as previous exercise, except this time put the band around your waist and press it down to the ground as you lift your hips.


#8 Lying Hip Abduction

Lying Hip Abduction

Lie on your side and place the band around your ankles, supporting your body with one arm. Keeping both legs straight, stretch the band by lifting your top leg as high as possible.


#9 Lunge Kickback

Lunge Glute Kickback

Stand straight with the band around your knees. Now step forward and drop into a lunge, keeping your back straight. Then raise your hips and at the same time lean forward, lifting your back leg as high as you can.


#10 Clamshell

Gluteus medius exercise: clamshell

Lie on your side with the band around your knees and with your legs bent. Keep your feet together, and stretch the band by spreading your knees as wide apart as possible.


#11 Plank Kickback

Plank Kickback

In a plank position with the band placed above your knees, lift one leg up high without bending the leg. Contract your glutes at the top of the exercise and engage your core muscles to keep your body stable.


#12 Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat for a bigger bum

Start in a low squat position with the band just below your knees. Keeping your back straight, raise your body and at the same time lift one leg up out to the side as high as possible.


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